We Act

In 5 years 375 tons of fishing nets have been recovered by Healthy Seas.
This weight correspond to 2 Blue Whales, the largest animal on earth !
Regenerating these nets, will produce enough ECONYL® to make almost 4.5 million leggings (0,084 kg of raw fishing nets/outfit).

  • Each year 640,000 tons of fishing gear are lost or abandoned in the seas and oceans and so millions of marine animals and birds are injured and killed by ghost nets.

    Healthy Seas Mission is to clean the seas to save marine life.

  • Through our activewear brand we want to raise awareness about the protection of marine mammals and environmental damage caused by ghost fishing gear.

    We promote the ecological and economic importance to each consumer, buyer and athlete. Because by purchasing one of our products, you are helping to reduce nylon waste in our seas and you are also committing to the preservation of these animals.

    REWILD wants to make the difference and therefore goes further by being engaged with international schools in educational programs with Healthy Seas as a partner.
    But also, REWILD will contribute to W Reef - Dolphin Rehabilitation Center.

We are extremely grateful to all organizations and volunteer divers who invest themselves every day in the preservation of our planet through their amazing involvement in recovering ghost nets from reefs and shipwrecks, hotspots for marine biodiversity.

*Source: Healthy Seas