The Dolphin Wisheperer



Behind Rewild

  • Alexae Wittock has worked for many years as a dolphins caretaker in controlled environments.

    As a result of her various experiences, she and a team of experts have decided to create a rehabilitation center in a natural, protected and enclosed environment.

    Her goal? Reinsert dolphins from marine parks into the sea.

  • In 2019, she creates the association W Reef and surrounds herself with professionals and marine mammal enthusiasts.

    During various surveys of places, and diving sessions to explore and observe the potentiality of a place suitable for the rehabilitation of dolphins, they came to a report more than alarming; the nuisance of fishing nets abandoned in the funds, destroying the marine ecosystem.

    Alexae then inquired about the actions already in place to clean the seabed, and met various associations working for the protection of our seas and oceans, which are responsible for recovering among other waste the fishing nets populating the seabed, to send them to Italy for recycling.

    Recycling and giving a second life to a material that is not biodegradable into a hyper resistant, fine, elegant, stretchy, soft and breathable fiber, shows the perfect outfit!

    From there, it was only a step for Alexae to decide, at the same time, to launch a sustainable activewear brand which would serve her in her work as a dolphins expert, and which would allow her to contribute to the efforts of these associations.

Mother & Daugher Complicity Story

Ambitious, determined and committed.
Daughter,Alexae Wittock, cetaceans expert • Mother,Geneviève Kreilmann, energy therapist and yoga teacher

We want to highlight the importance of supporting a process of awareness, and act for the conservation of the oceans by creating a collection of technical, elegant and sustainable activewears. Through our outfits and its material, we call on consumers, buyers, athletes to remember that you too, by choosing REWILD, are participating in this beautiful project #ACT FOR OCEANS

And we go even further, because the REWILD project, finally born from Alexae's expeditions, will participate in the development of the dolphin rehabilitation center, once established. For each purchase of a REWILD outfit, 1% will be donated to the W Reef non profit association; another way to give meaning to the brand and to globalize the different impacts.

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