W Reef Project

W Reef Project

W Reef proposes to develop Dolphin Rejuvenation Centers, with several hectares of semi natural protected and delimited area. Dolphins could be monitored by a caretaker team while renewing contact with their environnement and all natural stimuli present in the sea.

While not all dolphins under human care can or should be returned to their natural homes, they may be re-adapted to a more natural environment.
Dolphins cannot simply be released back into the oceans. Individuals need to relearn important skills to survive in the wild such as eating live fish and avoiding boats. 

Any release must contribute to the conservation of wild populations and take into account the long-term health and survival of dolphins returning to the wild. 
They must be released in or near a dolphin population of which they would naturally be a part and in an unpolluted area. Local experts should be involved and the dolphin should be examined for any diseases that could harm wild dolphins. 

Released dolphins must be healthy, able to feed on live fish and free of behaviour that could endanger their long-term survival. It is possible for dolphins, even those that have lived under human care for a long time, to learn to hunt again and survive in the wild. It is even possible for those born in closed centers to learn to hunt with other dolphins that have lived in the wild if they have returned to a social group. This is why, several protocols exist and have been implemented.

The reinsertion of dolphins is a complex project and there are many criteria for assessing the suitability of any marine site to host future Dolphin Rejuvenation Centers, such as :

  • The physical and hydro-morphological characteristics of the bay;
    the climatic conditions;
  • The occasional, potential presence of wild populations of dolphins in surrounding waters—which may welcome Dolphins after their eventual release from the Rejuvenation Centers;
  • The relative proximity of logistical infrastructure, such as airports and ports, through which dolphins but also care takers and others may access the premises, and the possibility to establish critical infrastructure such as a research center and care taking facilities on nearby land through rental, purchase, or concession;
  • Low boat traffic around the Centers to limit noise, and the availability of local fish suitable for dolphins diet

Different project of dolphins sanctuaries exist all around the world, but because of the project complexity, just one today is visible: “Dolphin Project” in Bali. This sanctuary is allowed to host and potentially release dolphins from Asian marine parks. France and Belgium showing their desire to close dolphinariums, we really hope that such a center could soon be developed in Europe.

W Reef is constantly working for dolphins. For one year, we have established great partnership with a potential location in the Philippines and succeeded after several public consultations to receive endorsements from locals stakeholders, mayor institution, fisheries, and more. But we don’t stop there! With recent French government announcements, W Reef will reunite his effort in collaboration with experts and other organizations to find a suitable location in or near Europe, as it is becoming essential to find a “sanctuary” to relocate soon all these dolphins.

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