Healthy Seas Partnership

For the launch of our Nature Vibes capsule, with our ECONYL® fiber outfits made of regenerated nylon from fishing nets abandoned at sea and other nylon waste, REWILD is committed to Healthy Seas.

Healthy Seas is an association working for the preservation of our planet through their incredible participation in the cleaning of our international oceans with Ghost Diving. Through cleanups with volunteer divers and by working with stakeholders of the fishing sector toward marine litter prevention, Healthy Seas collects waste nets and ensure they become a valuable resource.

For REWILD it was essential to partner with Healthy Seas, because without them there would be no REWILD.


One of the main goal of this partnership is to organize educational programs to raise awareness in students about marine pollution such as ghost nets, the damage it causes and above all how to remediate it.

Teaching about ocean conservation and taking part in activities to keep the seas and oceans healthy is essential for a sustainable future. Small gestures can have great impact!

REWILD is extremely sensitive regarding the state of our marine ecosystem which affect all the living maritime creatures, as we aspire to act for the protection of those animals. 


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