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Wear a REWILD on land but also in your nautical activities.
As women we have all been faced with sportswear that is not suitable for all sports and have to buy several different products. REWILD now offers adapted activewear that meets your desires, while participating in the process of reducing overconsumption to eliminate our pollution.

Through outfits and its material, we challenge consumers to remember that they too can play a role in the conservation of our environment by making the right choices.

The marine world is vast and we often feel powerless in the face of its destruction, yet all is not lost! You can act at a small but significant scale by supporting us and participating in this awareness-raising process that goes far beyond the purchase of a garment.

We told you, REWILD starts from an observation. Nevertheless it was important for us to continue on the same path and to donate part of our profits to the W Reef association. It is indeed thanks to this association that we were able to make this observation and we find it important to integrate this into our project.

Why choosing W Reef? It was important for us to choose the association of Alexae, dolphins are essential for the health of our seabed. Thanks to W Reef we allow them to find this natural environment and to participate again in the marine cycle.

This cycle having been strongly disrupted by our human actions, it seemed normal to us that REWILD should participate in the creation of the rehabilitation center. One way to give back to nature what we have taken from it and to make sure that the funds arrive where they are and are used in the best possible way.

REWILD raises awareness about the importance of protecting the oceans, in order to act and reduce animal suffering caused by ghost fishing nets. Wearing a REWILD is acting for the well-being of marine flora and fauna!

The big plus of this fabric? It also provides excellent UV protection for your skin! You don’t need anymore to pollute the seas and oceans and harm the marine animals with chemicals substances contained by most sunscreen and oils. And you can count on our outfits for perfect support with great freedom of movement, which will keep you warm in the water while drying quickly.

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